Meet Robyn B.

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I wrote for GUMBO Teen Magazine from age 13 to 19 working as a

print journalist, later editor and videographer. I then transitioned

to Ya’ Heard Magazine and Milwaukee Times Newspaper as a

freelance writer from 19-21 when I decided to write for the Royal

Purple Newspaper to get more experience in photojournalism.

I was a part of the collegiate chapter of American Marketing

Association where I was able to expand my career before leaving

college. I’ve done marketing and product photography for

corporations, non-profit organizations, religious organizations,

community and corporate events, political campaigns and more. 

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Becoming a mother  sparked an interest in lifestyle photography. When I transitioned to being a doula and parent coach full time, the urge to document memories was heightened. I decided to pursue my passions full-time and now I’m opening Robyn B. Snapping Photography. I’ll love to have the privilege of documenting your family’s growth.

I live in the Fort Worth area with my husband and our two sons. When I'm not photographing, protesting injustice or at a birth, I spend most of my time with my children, where our favorite game is “whose AC can we use today?” lol. I love taking pictures of my family and our daily life, of being silly, going on adventures, STEM projects, creativity and just being kids.

The Rebranding Project

I pride myself on using the earth to keep our bodies healthy, nurtured and looking good. Being a wife, mother, doula, community organizer and birth photographer is a crazy life, but it’s my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Inspired by:

Optimisti about:

Pissed off about:

                                The impact of pejorative stereotypes on psychotherapy with black persons and general labels especially regarding sexuality.

                                The rising of community leaders with the goal of protecting the communities they live in and being held accountable for their actions at all cost.

                        My second son who reminds me that my at lessons of activism and consent should match the social interactions I expose him to.

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